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Hi, I'm Ralph,

a senior conversion manager. UX design manager. unconventional thinker.

Since more than 15 years I am adding measurable value to web and software design. AB testing, user labs and UX design management are at the heart of what I do . I work for MEDION AG, a German consumer electronics manufacturer and retailer owned by LENOVO.

About me see my works

about me

Before diving deeper into my professional life, let's start with something personal:

hobbies and interests
martial arts
Name : Ralph Hinderberger
Date Of Birth : 05/09/1966
Phone : on request
E-mail :
Web :
Areas of living : Rhine & Ruhr, Bavaria
Curriculum Vitae



"Only change is eternal." (Asian proverb)

Since I see transformations as something natural I embrace them while they happen. As a consequence my life path was not always straight. But interesting, perhaps...


"Design is not how it looks or feels like - design is how it works." (Steve Jobs)

My professional abilities incorporate what it takes to create time-saving, best-selling product and service experiences:

AB testing & Personalisation


user labs


ux design management


communication skills




Passion for User Needs


Tools & Methods

"If a hammer is the only tool you have, all problems will soon look like nails." (Asian proverb)

My broad UX domain knowledge allows me to manage and control all steps along the digital UX value chain:

AB Testing

AB Tasty, Trbo, Optimizely*, Kameleoon* (*basic knowledege)

User Lab Tests

Morae, Tobii Studio, Silverback for Mac, Loop 11, UserZoom

UX Management

EyeQuant, Hotjar, Moqups, Balsamiq, Axure, Jira, Confluence

Design Approaches

User-Centred Design, Design Thinking, Material Design

Web Analytics

Webtrekk, Google Analytics


Dreamweaver, Code Writer, Rapid CSS


Since I started creating websites in 1995 I have participated in more than 100 projects covering more than 10 countries, was CEO of two German GmbH's and an Online Shop Manager Conversion & UX.

Download my CV for details, or filter my projects by industry/channel below:

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  • Software & Apps
  • Devices
  • intranet
ALDI fotos screenshot

ALDI fotosFoto book conversion potential optimisation

ALDI life screenshot

ALDI lifeConceptual UX design consulting, AB test lead screenshot Telco online shop conversion boost

SAP website screenshot

SAP User requirement elicitation, intranet dashboard conceptual UX Design

the customer self-service login of T-Mobile, Germany | Deutsche Telekom AG

Intranet and call center software user requirement elicitation, strategic telco portfolio consulting

picture of an E-Plus telco retail store

E-Plus Point-of-sales system user requirement research, usage process and GUI optimization

Vodafone BusinessOnlinePortal screenshot

Vodafone Company website optimization, enterprise software user requirement analysis, B2B online shop UX Design



upon request