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The Client

1und1 Internet AG, Karlsruhe, Germany

As a leading provider of DSL and mobile tariffs, services + hardware in Germany, 1&1 Internet AG in Karlsruhe, Germany faces competition from big Telco players like Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and O2. Hosting products for private individuals, traders and freelancers are also sold in ten countries. In addition 1&1 Versatel operates Germany`s largest fibre optic network

Project Synopsis

It was one of my freelance projects that I like to run from time to time to gain a bit more continuity in my life. For my client 1und1 Internet AG I created Personas, carried out User Research and integrated iterative Usability Lab tests into short SCRUM-like development cycles of 2 weeks. I also consulted my permanent and freelance colleagues on their A/B Test effeorts, UX design and strategy.


  • Website and online shop, on desktop (Win) and mobile (Android + iOS) devices

My Responsibilities

  • Selection of appropriate research methods
  • Use of business requirements, Usability findings and market research to develop user test scenarios, use cases and high-level requirements
  • To conduct Usability Lab Test and Eye Tracking studies across devices
  • German test participant , profiling, screener preparation and recruitment consulting
  • Definition of meaningful UX metrics to evaluate the objective and subjective test user experience
  • Usability Lab Test facilitation
  • Development of hands-on design and usage process flaw fixes based on UX Design best practices
  • Application of strategic thinking to UX Design combining design best practices with tangible user + business goals while keeping technical realities in mind
  • Development of 5 Personas covering 75% of customers for the Front End Design Team. Goals: a) drive design and test plan decisions, b) facilitate understanding of user needs and to reach consensus
  • UX Design consulting for my designer colleagues on the creation of responsive HTML prototypes for A/B testing based on Usability Lab Test and Eye Tracking results
  • Iterative adaptation of Usability Lab Test and Eye Tracking studies based on A/B test results
  • Back-reporting of test results to Product Managers, Developers, Designers and Web Analysts
  • Development and provision of thought leadership in communicating recommended design changes to the Board Management
  • Active support of Designers and Product Managers on tangible design and process improvements by planning and conducting Design Optimization Workshops


  • Incorporation of Usability Lab Testing and Eye Tracking into iterative SCRUM sprinters with short cycles of 2 weeks per iteration
  • Achievement of A/B test winner predictability based on previous Usability Lab Test and Eye Tracking studies
  • Deliverance of clear facts and arguments to justify recommended design changes to the Upper Management


  • The checkout Conversion Rate was lifted in a 2-digit range
  • A predictability of the A/B test-winning variants was achieved after 6 months