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The Client

Kaspersky Labs ZAO, Moscow, Russia

With 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients Kaspersky is one of the world's largest privately owned cybersecurity companies. They operate in 200 countries and territories, have 37 offices in 32 countries and a headcount of over 3,700 specialists. The company's global revenue for 2016 totaled USD 644 million.

Project Synopsis

One of my longest and best clients. Kaspersky Labs have been sending me and my Usability People team around the globe to test complex digital customer journeys in 9 countries spanning 18 (!) time zones. The essence: the more we embed our user researches deep into the respective country habits on location, the more we figure out how diverse human preferences and needs are. Particularly when it comes down to such basic design elements as colors and wording.


  • Consumer internet security software and apps on desktop (Mac, Win) and mobile (iOS, Android) devices
    • Kaspersky Internet Security Suite
    • Kaspersky Total Security, Kaspersky PURE
    • Kaspersky Safe Kids
    • Kaspersky Password Manager
    • Kaspersky Tablet Security for Android
  • 8 international company web sites and online stores
  • Post-transactional and marketing email communication
  • In Germany, USA, UK, France, Japan, Brasil, France, Russia

My Responsibilities

  • Selection of appropriate research methods and user testing tools
  • Use of business requirements, Usability findings and market research to develop user test scenarios, use cases and high-level requirements
  • To conduct international Usability Lab Tests, Quantitative Remote Web Usability Studies, Product Unboxing, Card Sorting and Diary Studies across channels, devices and cultures
  • International test participant profiling and recruitment
  • Selection of suitable language interpreters
  • Definition of meaningful UX metrics to evaluate the objective and subjective test user experience
  • Usability Lab Test facilitation in German and English
  • Development of hands-on design and usage process flaw fixes based on UX Design best practices
  • Back-reporting of test results to Product Managers, Developers and Designers in Ingolstadt and Moscow on location
  • Development and provision of thought leadership in the consumer retail and software user experience across channels and devices
  • Active support of Designers and Product Managers on tangible design and process improvements by planning and conducting Design Optimization Workshops in Moscow
Ralph is a great researcher. Curious in a good sense he does not focus on just looking for obvious things but continues to drill deep until the very core of each problem is detected. He also knows how to communicate usability research results to a big audience, mixed by profession and nationalities. In his presentations he gives any client of his company a wide picture, much wider than average usability tests do. Our product managers and designers accept him as a valuable consulting partner.

Ekaterina Loginova, Head of International UX Research at Kaspersky Lab


  • Establishment of a user-centered mindset inside the company
  • Training of Designers and Product Managers in applied customer centricity on process- and design-level
  • Keeping tight deadlines
  • International Project Management and coordination in 10 global time zones
  • International seeking for and contracting of suitable Language Interpreters
  • Incorporation and video-recording of software retail unboxing into a set of already complex multi-device, multi-OS Usability Lab Test task flows
  • Usability Lab Test facilitation in German and English
  • Presenting test results to interdisciplinary audiences in a way that captures the listeners and makes sure everybody understands details and implications regardless of the individual professional background


  • Increased online conversion rates
  • Efficiency gains in Product Management and Marketing
  • Elevated software sales
  • Ongoing "quality brand" customer perception
  • "Easy-to-use" press coverage
  • After working 3 years with me, a permanent company-internal UX and Usability team was created
  • Despite global politics, Kaspersky holds its rank as one of the worlds top 5 cybersecurity companies