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Deutsche Telekom | T-Mobile

The Clients

Deutsche Telekom | T-Mobile, Bonn, Germany

With 165 million mobile customers, 28.5 million fixed-line and 18.5 million broadband connections, Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies. T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH was merged with the landline division of Telekom Deutschland in early 2010.

Project Synopsis

I ran several freelance projects for T-Mobile Germany and Deutsche Telekom AG. The area span a wide range of tasks and project types, from User Requirement research to UX Design and system Usability consultancy with a focus on complex call-center systems. The most interesting and challenging one was an ICT portfolio research and consulting project targeting to determine the mid- to long-term portfolio strategy of Deutsche Telekom AG based on assessing the practical added value of single ICT services and channels for the end user.


  • Call Center systems
  • Employee satisfaction survey tool
  • Usability consultancy + training for permanent contract colleagues
  • Strategic ICT portfolio
  • Customer self service portal "Mein T-Mobile"

My Responsibilities

The following is just a small excerpt, with a special focus on strategic ICT service value consultancy:

  • Planning, management and monitoring of cross-department projects on board-management level
  • Project management keeping tight deadlines
  • Strategic ICT portfolio analysis focused on identifying everyday ICT service value for the B2C customer
  • Selection of suitable evaluation methods
  • Planning, conduction and analysis of semi-structured user interviews of early adopters
  • Development of company portfolio segmentation and composition proposals, effectively communicating these recommendations to the management
  • Advising the management in matters of strategic relevance


  • Keeping tight deadlines
  • Finding a set of comparable ICT service characteristics, and mapping them to business values aas well as tangible added value for the customer


  • Deutsche Telekom has significantly reduced its commitment to podcast, push-to-talk and other new services which promised only a small market penetration due to lack of practical added value for German customers.
  • The named services actually never reached a business-relevant mass market penetration in Germany